Thursday, October 23, 2008

Victoria Station - my Friday's night

Our Trainer treated us a meal at Victoria Station at Seberang Jaya. A good you can see from the photo below....sorry mok, i was making you as an object in my photo :P
A long night (with the worry for 507) ...the food is not bad - i will give 70%, just that my lobster is too eating cheese more than lobster meat... The portion is too big -> for us, till I wasted all those side dishes...
Guess how much my meal costs? is cheap man!
Headed to Roxbury for drink after that... mm...long time never drink...and this is for "ying chou"..drink quite a lot of beer.... fine,i was not drunk!
Cannot stay till too late. ... coz the next morning gonna driving to KL!!

Yeah! Good news from Production -> Steven able to follow the trip ><

my lobster + chicken

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