Thursday, October 23, 2008

Miss Mah's BD celebration

This was the birthday celebration for miss mah.... and luckily i was able to make it......
now i only free to put it here...
Ya..long time never lepak at Queensbay...actually i need to control my expenses..
low incomer - should not spend so much on shopping, entertainment, lepaking... should keep some money on case one day i get unemployed...who knows? right......
oh out of topic..
Btw, it was my gd friend's bd - No kira lah!!
Yeah..really enjoy my meal there..having nice food + sweet ice cream + good environment :)
Seeing how those TGIF workers celebrating bd with customers...such a fun!!
Yeah, this is the belated celebration for miss mah...
miss ong requested the staff there to draw a ballon for her...with spongebob + hello kitty on it!!
kawaii ne! too bad..i don't have photo for it..
We went for movie <> for midnight show.. ho ho~ Cool~
This is love story ...a bit kamdong....
Even fox can sacrifire for love, why don't human?
Our dessert - Friday's Sundae

Forgot my dish's name...kind of chicken topped with sweet sauce

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