Thursday, October 23, 2008

KL KLPF's Trip

Woke up at 420am, after slept for 3 hours, started my journey to fetch Steven at 5am..He was a bit late coz hardly getting up! then went to pick up GS and CH at Alma.. After an hour, we went in Tpg to get Beng in.
5 of us with different purposes of going down to KL :

GS + CH -> shopping
myself + Beng -> KLPF
Steven -> MotoGP

Happily, temporary putting the worry of 507 aside, we had our breakfast at Fu San Restaurant..Quite a lucky day, that we did not need to wait for a table... and escaped from the illegal parking (without putting coupon :P)

The time we reached KL, it was already 11am plus. Reaching Hotel and take a refresh ourselves...we headed to Sg Wang for our lunch.. Oh yeah...actually there was a fashion show by a local magazine..but we had no time to spend there.. direct rush to Times Square!

Actually it was not as big as i thought.. i mean the event..... btw, seeing a lot of cameras, lens, bags, lighting systems and etc etc.... we were wandering around, looking at the products, the people...and the models... Yucks..during the photo-shooting session by fujiflim, there were so many people!! until i have no gap to squeeze in ...all my photo shooting failed lah!!!! damn!

my male model -Leo posed like selling timepiece

Fujifilm's sweety

Yeah, if you like to see more, please go to my photolink:

We met up with Sue Lyn at night for dinner, at Ampang. She brought us to Korean Village for Korean BBQ!! Hurray!! This is the cheapest korean restaurant I had been to... RM132 for all 6 people...We had a big pot of seafood, chicken + pork all the side dishes which could be refilled without count...dai lahh!!!

Not sure whether everyone was so thirsty or what...we kept asking for mineral water refill ~ or korean mineral water is much more sweeter to drink ? :) i was wondering...really having a good time there, Sue Lyn, next time must intro more nice nice kangtao :D so that the boss will give you more coke!!

That hand is belong to TP

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