Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oh no..went to 2 banks in different cities and both were moved! walao eh!!

Public bank at Kulim was moved to opposite street...get the help of my friend and found it! A bigger space, but not enough parking slots i guess..

Way back to hometown, turned into Taiping's more located opposite of Fajar I just by-luck turn one-round to check.. When was about to leave, I saw it at the end road of Jalan Panggung Wayang. Fine, just went in and closed my account...This one the parking much more "jialat" coz just located beside the main road.

CIMB was about to transform to imitate international bank; the interior design, the culture of work and serving..however, I think most important, those officer must be well-trained and be more profesional to serve. The service is still slow compared to PB, the way officer treat customer is not profesional (saw an example a american-slang speaking woman asking for the western union was not treated well by the officer).

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