Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life for Future

What is life meant for ?
A lot of people, from top to bottom, wandering the corner of world, looking for answer...
There is no calculated formula to get it...
god made this puzzle ..
What you wanted to have? What you are having now ?
And later found out that is not really what one like actually..
Hesitate to step further to see what is the dot at the line of his life..
Do not scare to jump out from your comfort zone..
It might bring you fruitful conclusion later..
or at least you earn some pain no gain..
Try not to tight by any financial bags on your backside..
and it helps..
at least for you, to choose what is next in your next step..
At least, seek for the happiness in the life,
to bring you big smiley face everyday...
And not pressure and worries on heart
Strikes for our colourful lifes....
Out there....
It is called future!


kenwooi said...

we live for the future! =)

Mknace said...

:) :) :)