Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sister's Convocation 2010 at PWTC

Attended sister's convocation at PWTC on 18Mar.

Once I reached Setia Alam right after my work prior the day, we headed to Klang's photoshop to take studio photo.. Oh ya.. Luckily bb Carlyn was in good mood and cooperated in the photo shooting session..hehe.... cute she is!

After that, taken my dinner and 3 of us ride to PWTC for a rehearsal, so that we wont get lost and miss the convo!!! muahaha.....With my uncle's instruction, we exit the tol at Sg Buloh and followed Jln Kuching. Took the 3rd turning out at roundabout and just follow PWTC signboard. Quite far from ST..about 45min. After the day, my bro found out that exit Jln Duta will be faster, about 30min.

I was waiting outside on the day watching the big projected screen.. after seeing sister up to the stage, I just went to The Mall for jalan2.... The convo was ended quite early around 11 +. Quite packed when everyone was out and moving around..

Just taken some photos... Sister said too hot with jubah.. wanted to move....

Actually there is a walkway with better view for us to take photo...

Now it is the starting of teaching life for her...wish her all the best!


ahfish said...

wah...u look like yr dad!

dizzysoldercrunch said...

aiyo..since small i was telling this lot...hehe...u wanted to say "peng yan" izit? :P