Sunday, July 20, 2008

CP + PH Big Day

My good friend's Big Day today - Wedding registration Day + Dinner
And this is my first time to be a witness for wedding.

Mmmm.. I guess CP was too happy till forgot his wedding rings at home.
LOL - luckily he still remember to bring PH on car :)
They wore in Purple - everyone very "seng mok" not matching their colour so that they looks more outstanding :)

The registration process was kind of smooth and fun.
And we sat like a "Sidang Akhbar"

We had our photoshooting session at Lake Gardens after that. Lake Gardens still looks as charming as she is.... after long time never been there..

Flowerball-throwing session -> seems like all gals not willing to marry yet, as they felt scare to grab it...."luckily" the flowerball went to GS ;D


Dragonosl said...

Your gold hair under the sunlight is damn sharp and attractive..hehe

dizzysoldercrunch said... colleage said im the monkey...isk isk