Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball at Pak Hainan Kopitiam at Kulim

Actually this restaurant name is Pak Hainan Kopitiam!! Not Hainan restaurant!
It is actually renovated from southern bank building.

outdoor, right hand side. I think it will be a good place at night.

Mm...the parking is not that enough loh... but no problem, still able to get a place near to market.

Ya, as per expected, full house! This is the first weekend after officially opened. No place for indoor which is air-cond.
Ok... I can accept outdoor, though it is a bit hot and stuffy. But what is not acceptable most ->a lot of flies disturbing your proper meal-taking process! I guess this restaurant should provide opinion form to customer so that they know what to improve in the future..

Too many customers and waitress not able to serve...we filled in the form and passed the order to them by ourselves without looking at the menu -> just through the list of food on the order form! :) Actually myself dropped in, only what to test their so called hainanese chicken rice-ball!

Though we might need to wait for some times; unexpected, we got our drink and food quite fast. May be they concentrated their workers in the kitchen i guess.

Mm... im not a good-eater for chicken rice-ball. Just some experience and comparing with ipoh steamed chicken and malacca's original chicken rice, this offering is not that good. May be i will give only 60 percents. Chicken meat is not smooth enough to feel the freshness of chicken, not juicy enough to taste....For the rice, it is not as sticky as those in malacca one and easily broken. Those malacca's rice ball's feeling is so good and it will stick it aroma on your teeth.

Im not sure, may be this is their style...need to read review from newspaper later on...or interview the taukeh.. ;D

Was supplied with 3 big rice balls, much more bigger compared to malacca one..

My friend ordered white coffee, with a lot of powder on top. Myself having capuccino, mm, i cannot feel the coffee aroma loh...frankly say. But i would like to taste couple drink next time. Coz at first we thought that would be 2 glasses of drink. Who know, when paying , we saw the 3-in-1 packet on the window, there are a list of drinks with coffee + teh, coffee + and so....etc..

Ya, it is Wi-Fi free. Tested with my friend's hp. Not really go to search around any power point or not.. if not mistaken, i saw some..

I guess i will visit for nasi lemak or other breads type in the future....Kopitiam ma!! they should be having nice nice breads...don't they ?

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