Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Live the Life

Revoluntary Road - is a good movie.
It bring a lot of thinking... Leonardo and Kate Winslet are no longer the young guys in Titanic.
They are really acting good in this movie.
Frankly say, I get touched by this storyline.
Ya..it involved a lot of talking, quarreling; which are needed in life, anywhere, anytime.
And from it, I found the lesson: without a dream, your life sucks.
with dream but not able to make it come true, it hurts.
Before too late, look for our dreams!(not necessary a big one)
don't work for life, live the life.


ahfish said...

this movie show in cinema liao meh?

dizzysoldercrunch said...

yet la..downloaded one

Hsin said...

Hey kawan, you are back in here....Such a long time :p

afternoon tea said...

hey, happy new year !!
I am sorry that I didn't contact you when I was back in Msia. Too many things happened to my family and I was kinda tight up...

Anyway, have you watched a movie called "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" by Brad Pitt? We watched it last night and it really touches our hearts. A really good one. Should watch it !!!

dizzysoldercrunch said...

hi hsin, yalor.u should say.welcome back to home!

hi afternoon tea,no problem, dont worry! :) i was kind of bz that time also! traveling up and down to attend wedding dinners.
this movie i saw the intro in newspaper, but msia i guess yet showing.what is the storyline huh?

afternoon tea said...

in the movie, brad was born as an old man and then later he grew up in to man and then kid and baby. very interesting ah , we watched and dropped a few tears at the end, very nice !