Friday, March 13, 2009

The Small Things Challenge

I just get a forward mail from my friend.

It is a fund-raising programme by intel to help out and improve the education access and economy development for those from undeveloped countries.

It named "The Small Things Challenge".

What you can do with this? OK, very easy and not even a second.

Just a simple click you click on the website button, intel will donate 25cents for them.

Please visit this link:

The world will become more colourful and prettier, when you are willing to help and share the truth of love with them.

Help to collect the smiles from all over the world J

p/s: 谁能告诉我,我右眼跳了5天,这代表什么?


ahfish said...

it mean good thing is coming towards u :) Law of attraction, if u believe it's good, good thing will come for u :)

dizzysoldercrunch said...

oh yeah..seng lei gui yin..
i will always in positive thinking :D for this moment.
same should go to u..