Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Quite some time I never log in and write...
I think I miss this land of mine.

Not I have nothing to write here.. I have.. alot.
But I don't know to start from here..

Sometimes I really think I m a complicated person.
I always having the mixed feeling.. I always ignore my own self
Why huh?

I think I like to be alone....
and I am protecting myself..
though sometimes I don't know how to react..
I chose to hide myself like ostrich...
at least, I still enjoy my own loneliness :)
and I m good.

I don't like then don't do loh..
You don't want to tell then that is your problem..
I like to share and I feel cool then I syok!
Wish to get onto the plane of life which don't care!

p/s: I'm longing for this Friday ~ holiday forever....
Actually how many holiday should one have per year?

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