Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Speedlight

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Helping my company to take photo for technical symposium last Saturday..
Actually is gving myself a first chance to take photoshoot using my new-bought speedlight indoor :-)
Thanks Leo for this offer :D and thanks all for giving their nice nice face on my photo
Ya.. After gone through all the photo, some of it having good effect, and some is not..
Of course, dare not to take risk for it, coz we were having 2 new beginners - in case both gone, then we will be killed by vonna! lol
I used flash with auto mode (i-TTL). think i need time for learning up the manual function of it.. so that know how to overcompensate or undercompensate it to bring out the effect wanted......
Yeah, i think bounch effect giving me the right and even lighting effect on that day... Direct flash would be too bright
It is time for me to find out the re-chargable battery during this weekend trip... should get a cheap (maybe should looks for merdeka promotion) coz I used up my flash and get stuck in the middle..
Weekend... I m coming earlier this week ! ~

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