Sunday, August 3, 2008

Penang Teluk Bahang Dam - Dragon Boat Championship

It is the season for outdoor activities~

Penang is honoured to chair this international event - so called Dragon Boat Championship. Actually there are two events running parallelly - 6th Club Crew World Championship (CCWC) and 8th Asian Dragon Boat Championship.
It pulled about 4000 contests from all over the world to Teluk Bahang Dam.

Thanks to this event, I gave myself a chance to this Dam first time.

Ho ho ho, a lot more bigger than the Mengkuang Dam that I went on-and-off.

Ya, Dragon Boat no longer the games for Chinese; you could see a lot of Angmo walking around with their sexy bikini... they like Chinese games, while chinese also like their games

So how many countries' flag are on air?

The Prize-giveaway Stage

When I tried my first few shots on the very sunny day (luckily I wore some sunblock before departing), a photography enthusiast, Yeoh (using Canon cam) approached me and asked about my new-sigma lens. He invited me to go down the steep slope to take some close-up view.. Ok, fine, since I was already here, take this challenge.....Go down using the big-step concrete staircase (Damn, I was wearing this fit-tight Levi's Jeans, kind of hard to make big move; slowly slowly la....)

So I was then gone down to the lower-left hand side of rock block there...

Station whereby contestents boats parking.

Contestents get down to their boats at this stations and kayak their boats to the opposite of dam

Yeoh saw his friends,Alan was working there. Alan told him to go to Canon booth to get Press Pass to get into restricted area for photo shooting. Oh yeah, I was following him there. We were given Canon t-shirt to wear with Press Pass. Haa... Look like working under Press
Doesn't matter, as long as can sneak into Feng Shui Place for photo, it is okay wat!

A pretty gal asked me about the Canon booth after we got our pass, heading to the championship. Too bad, miss the chance to talk to her after that, not sure where she stood(Canon is having the list, can get her contact...hahaa....just kidding)
Starting point is at the line opposite there

one of the photo I like, the arrangment of the numbering on lake

Competing with the speed; actually the wind is kind of strong there

See, even old uncles and aunties were participating in the games.. salute!~

Yeoh used a teleconverter 2X together with his 18-250mm tamron lens - cool man! He can get a very good close-up shots...... He can get the face expression of the contestents ler!!

Sitting on the slope, using binocular and camera, shouting for their teammembers

A beautiful shape of V

victory deciced

A pretty Czech gal with her winning gold prize

Contestents giving supports to each other before and after games

Japanese contestents/teammembers giving full support to their friends on boat, Ganbatte

Photographer with their tripod in one row..i think they are nikon's Yuan Lao coz that uncle looks really old.

This was really a splendid experience for me for this outdoor photography shooting session.

Forgot about my sickness at this good moment..hehe...... hopefully won't get sick after 4 hours of sun bath

**丁当-猜不透 was my hit songs on 2Aug08


Cyren Wong said...

Ola nuffnanger!

They caught a mermaid at Teluk Bahang once did you know?

I kid you not! IT was in a newspaper article some 2 or 3 years ago!

dizzysoldercrunch said...

izit? so what is the investigation after that ?

Wei Seong said...

Hi Soo Hin,

Yeoh here. Didnt expect you to put my name in your blog :P

ur pictures not bad wei......

any other place you put other pictures of that day event?

p/s : manual focus is fun on that day.

dizzysoldercrunch said...

wow..Yeoh, how u get to search my great u r...btw, great to know u. mm..i yet to upload to my photoblog.... do u haf any photo to share...
need to learn from u....a lot

dizzysoldercrunch said...

hi yeoh, i uploaded some other photo here. check it out.

Dragonosl said...

Eh, really improve on your shooting oo with new lens..So, photoshooting session depend on you adi o..haha

TV Series Trading said...

got time I sent you the link of my pics.

ur sigma lense not bad eh?even after crop also sharp sharp. hehe.

dizzysoldercrunch said...

ha bro,

this is for outdoor de...
indoor different case loh....
btw..learning lah...
will help my company's technical symposium taking photo coming 23th... will learn from thr..

hi tv series trading,

yea..send me ur link.. :)
nice to meet u