Sunday, August 10, 2008

Penang Butterfly Farm

Butterfly - is my theme this weekend.

Ya, where to look for all these beautiful butterflies easily ?
Of course not in the jungle, but at Butterfly Farm of Penang.
Just need to pay for RM10 (with MyKad holder), you could have fun for the whole day.

Right at the entrance, you can find the explaination of process of butterfly getting from caterpillar to butterfly.

Butterflies which are just out from the pupae

You know what, those female tourists from Arabia (they are covering all with black) were getting so excited and screaming playing around with the butterflies.

There are plenty of tourists, mainly from Arab, angmo, china and locals (school childrens brought by their teachers).

A pretty shot right, don't you think so?

Butterflies are extremely active, flying here and there. Totally not shy at all. They can stop on the flowers, leaves, ceiling, stones, rocks, your body, your camera.....

They are active at late morning and early this is the time for fun!

They are eating their lunch - sliced pineapples

Ya, besides all real time experiences, there is an auditorium giving presentation on the insects...a good documentary - don't miss it! everyday morning 10am and 3pm. I think it is a good idea to stay inside watching, coz you have the air-cond in it...

For me, those fallen in the group of easily get sweating, it is the time for me to get dry..... god bless...

Basically I get my whole shirt wet....

butterfly is busy feeding themselves with flower juice

One new thing I learned - butterflies can only fly when their body temperature is 86 degree farenheit...

there is a flower, there is a butterfly

butterfly is resting

Besides butterflies, actually you are able to see squirrel, scorpions, giant millipede, water snake, turtle, snake, orchid, iguana, stick insect, lizard, mandarin duck, tortoise and a lot of insects.

You can see a lot of special insect species in the those big hairy spiders, fluorescent scorpion, orchid mantis, leaf insect and man-faces bug....

white squirrel

Can you see anything? is that a leaf?

Exit, you could find a big beatle

If you would like to see more on my photos, here you go:


Cyren Wong said...

Ola nuffnanger!

AWESOME POSSUM photography! I love butterflies too and love photographing them but I don't have a good enough camera (for now I am borrowing my sister's IXUS 750(I think!)

My favourite is your "left and right" photo!

It would be great if you could comment on some photography I did too!!!

Maybe some advice on how you get to take butterflies flying so beautifully!

dizzysoldercrunch said...


i guess u must get a better camera for photoshooting.. it really looks different when u having suitable lens.. try to get a DSLR
actually for me, im still a new learner... dare not to give any advice la...

actually this is the first time i give so many patience...about 2.5hrs at butterfly farm...chasing around to take photo for those super active butterfly...

just the feel....i think certain angle might getting the butterfly looks nice in my viewfinder..just take it...