Monday, August 4, 2008

Rebate from TM streamyx

Guy, I got my rebate for RM22 after complaining the disconnection of phoneline + streamyx.(actually was told that my cable was stolen, was very normal for users in Kulim)

Roughly 8 days I totally cannot use the service and made a call to TM 100 for rebate.

Only Streamyx is entitled to get the rebate..

For the fixed line,they counted like month, so I only miss one week's time. It is not in their policy to rebate...Fine!

At least I got RM22.
Guy, Remember your customer's right. Full use them! Especially to giant like this


ahfish said...

ya, strongly agree. i also can't remember how many times my dad n i had phoned to complain but we are not that lucky because i dun get any rebate so far :p Got complain only got improvement :p

dizzysoldercrunch said...

do u ask for the rebate?
must state u want a rebate from them!!!